Free Beats Campaign

*** FREE BEATS CAMPAIGN *** Klan is proud to announce that over the next few months they will be releasing free beats for the usage and/or pure enjoyment of the general public. The Free Beats Campaign is intended to give aspiring artists a push in the right direction. These artists will be allowed rights to download, sample and record, etc over the these beats for any desired purpose and publish subject to proper producer accreditation. Please share this link with anyone you think will find it useful:

The Firm Entertainment

The Firm Entertainment (Pty Ltd) is a proudly South African private company and sponsor of the entertainment industry. We aim to give prominence to creatives; showcasing their works over a diverse range of entertainment genres including, but is not limited to, music, visual art, comedy, games and social events. Through means of promotion and social interaction we strive to give creatives an equally grounded platform on which to create and draw attention to their creations. We readily provide counsel and assistance to our associated acts in attempts to help uplift and protect them from any known forms of exploitation.